eCourse Cathedral Window Quilting



Learn online Cathedral Windows for hand or machine quilting. This is an exciting quilting technique that makes quilts or quilting projects that need no traditional sandwich, i.e. no wadding and no binding either.

Ideal introduction to the fundamentals of a folded patchwork technique. Once you have learned the technique, you can apply it to your own designs.

What’s Included

The tutorial includes:

  • Introduction of the technique
  • Colour for Cathedral Windows Quilting
  • Fabrics
  • Uses of Cathedral Windows Quilting
  • Hand quilting instructions
  • Machine quilting instructions
  • Step-by-step illustrated instructions
  • Gallery of work

About me

Karen Platt is an experienced and fully qualified teacher and a hands on textile artist and quilter. She creates affordable courses for people who want to learn a skill. She has been developing new ideas with Cathedral Windows quilting in preparation for a book. She designs and writes quilting patterns and also dyes her own fabrics. She is inspired by art, architecture, textiles, travel and gardening. She is well-known for her use of colour and texture. She leads courses in art, textiles, quilting and knitting. She is also well-known for her gardening books on colour.


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