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More Quilts From FOQ 2019 Competition Quilts Part 2

I know some of us love Boro and this was a lovely Boro quilt by Sue Aldridge, entitled ‘Boro Borrowed’

Competition Quilts
Sue Aldridge

Cecilia Slim’s ‘Underground’ was incredible, loved this for its incredible stitching

FOQ 2019
Cecilia Slim

Totally different, but detailed and superb was Maggie Barber’s ‘A Stamp Story’ on sale at 1,000 pounds. A well-designed piece.

competition quilt
Maggie Barber

Jane Bottomley’s ‘Sleep Beneath The Stars’ a good monochrome BOM type quilt with effective use of fabrics

FOQ 2019
Jane Bottomley

Just beautiful and haunting Ann Beare ‘The Sentinels: Silent Witness’ effective use of a limited palette

FOQ 2019
Ann Beare

I loved this for the fantastic use of colour and stitch, although the peacock’s neck does disappear a little Brenda Wroe ‘My Fine Feathered Friend’

Competition quilt
Brenda Wroe

Liz Jones ‘Moving On’ is a masterpiece of simplicity, excellent colour and interesting fabrics – it uses woven fabrics and I think felt

competition quilt
Liz Jones

Hanging in the Guild’s ‘Forty Years’ gallery was this fantastic wholecloth from the 1930s ‘Claridge’s Peach Wholecloth Quilt’ featuring Welsh motifs and part of a drive to prevent hand quilting from dying out.

1930s wholecloth quilt
Claridge’s Peach Wholecloth Quilt

Pippa Wardman’s ‘Taj Mahal At Sunset’ rightly received lots of praise and an award. The imagery and stitch were fantastic. I have one niggle though – that band of yellow unbalances the quilt as it is too strong, it either needed to be lighter in colour or a narrower band of saturated yellow.

Competition Quilts
Pippa Wardman

Juana Castaneda Romera depicted a swan in amazing style ‘De oriente a occidente la mas’

Quilt FOQ 2019
Juana Castaneda Romera

There will be a part three. Words and images copyright Karen Platt. Quilts copyright of their makers.