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Day 9 quilting of the 31 day blog challenge

Day 9 quilting is all about work in progress (wip) and I have a few projects on the go. How many of the blogs are you following on Muppin? There are quite a few of us on Instagram, follow me on karenplatt_textiles

Day 9 quilting
Work in progress

Work in Progress

I like to start a quilt and finish it before moving on to the next project. But hey, life happens. You run out of thread, fabric, wadding and have to wait. That’s always a good time to start another quilt. Or you have a fab idea that just won’t wait – do we need any excuses?

Oldest WIP

If you are still working on it, it is a WIP and not UFO. Seriously this quilt has been around forever. I would have it finished by now, but I used the fabric for something else. Yes, that. My first attempt at a modern wholecloth. A learning experience. It is the only one.

Hand stitched quilt
Quilt in progress

Cut but not pieced

I have only one of these too. The fabric was so gorgeous that for years I did not cut into it. Now it sits there, cut but not made into anything yet. I’m getting there.

Actually in progress

As I write this Day 9 quilting blog under my sewing machine is my current project. A modern quilt that I have half quilted (yesterday) and hope to finish today and bind tomorrow. On my work table I have the next two projects cut. So that’s my quilting set up to Xmas day.

day 9 quilting
in progress
day 9 quilting
in progress the back of the quilt

Day 9 discount

Take 20 per cent discount off digital fabrics online. Pop back tomorrow for more quilting, an exciting new ecourse and a new discount. I’ll be doing the full 31 days, so stick around.

digital fabric
digital fabric

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