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New Garden Books and An Art Exhibition To End Jan 2021

New garden books and an art exhibition for January 2021. That’s the way to kickstart a year.

new garden ebook
Dahlias the latest garden ebook for artists and gardeners

It all started in that in between time betwixt Christmas Day and New Year’s Day. Looking back at all that was achieved and pondering on what is to come. A plan of sorts – but I am always very flexible. Gardening was not on my mind. Then someone purchased Emeralds and Silver Lining and looking back I discovered unfinished garden books.

green flowers
green flowers
silver foliage
silver foliage


Roses launched two weeks ago. Gathering together all the images and writing short descriptions of the plants is pure joy.

new garden books
new garden books or artist inspiration


Dahlias was completed at the weekend, making this the second new garden ebook of the year. It’s full of fabulous photos and can be used by gardeners, but like roses can also be used by painters and crafters for inspiration.

new garden books or artist inspiration

More new garden books to come.

On Friday 29th, the month was rounded off nicely with my first art exhibition of the year. I am part on the Virtual Art Fair. This is the second time I have been selected to exhibit with them.


What will February bring? Two jackets should be completed. I am held up a little by bursitis in my left hand. Yesterday saw the start of another long planned gardening book, so I hope to finish that perhaps in March. More quilting ecourses are planned, so watch out for launch. Modern Quilts will probably be the first.


As a follow-on from last week’s article about arthritis, I purchased a TENS machine and new compression gloves. Both are helping with the pain but I need to be careful what I do when.

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