2000 Tomatoes eBook



Over 2,000 tasty tomatoes to tantalise every palette. Discover the tastiest and best tomatoes. Includes many varieties and information on how to grow. Discover the right tomato for you.
“Often classified as a vegetable, but actually a fruit, the tomato is eaten all over the world. Originating in the Andes of South America and in Mexico, tomatoes were unknown to the world until the Spaniards returned from their exploits in South America and introduced these luscious fruits in Spain in the 1500’s.”
Introducing Over 2,000 Tomatoes, the handy guide with full descriptions of all tomato types from salad to cooking. Discover the best green, orange, purple, yellow and black tomatoes. Find fabulous heirloom tomatoes.  Includes the author’s favourite tomato recipes and growing tips.

This guide is the result of over ten years professional research. It will introduce you to an incredible variety of different tomato shapes, sizes and colours. Ideal for cooks, growers and gourmets.

This ebook is sent as a manual download to your email. It can be read on any device as a pdf. Depending where you live and the time your place your order, please allow 24 hours. Most orders are fulfilled within an hour.