A Quilting Journey From Inspiration To Quilt



A Quilting Journey From Inspiration To Quilt. Join quilt designer Karen Platt as she discusses the inspiration for her quilting designs and the processes followed for each of her quilts from 2015 to 2019.

Follow her unique quilting journey with photos of inspiration and each quilt. Karen gives insight into the design process. She gives hints and tips along the way.

Each quilt is accompanied by materials, inspiration, process and an all-important critique of the work.

You will learn:
1. How to interpret photos
2. How to look at things differently
3. How to overcome difficulties
4. How to progress a quilt
5. Use a design wall
6. Process your feelings about your work
7. Create a series of work
8. Create different types of quilts
9. Select suitable fabrics
10. Be a designer
11. Be more creative
12. Assess your own work

This ebook will help you on your quilting journey to be a better quilter.

Karen takes you all the way on her quilting journey from her humble beginnings when she found it so difficult to stitch straight lines and follow any quilting pattern, to designing her own quilts. She believes everyone has the potential to do this.

Karen has her own quilt pattern website and has written a number of ecourses to help quilters with design. She instils confidence in new quilters.

Karen has designed and quilted many types of quilts, in this ebook she concentrates on landscapes, simple shapes and geometrics, pictorial quilts, scrap quilts and one block wonder quilts. Quilts of all sizes from small art quilts to bed quilts. She shows the design and how and why they were designed that way.

This ebook is like a mini ecourse full of inspiration and practical suggestions plus know-how for quilters.

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