Art Quilt Wall Hanging For Sale Karen Platt Original Art Quilt



Art Quilt Wall Hanging For Sale Karen Platt Original Art Quilt

Sometimes a fabric just speaks to you and so it is with this fabric. I love chinoisserie and I also love blue, so this is just perfect. Occasionally I use a bit of this fabric in my work, ekeing it out, so this is a very special art quilt.

This unique art quilt highlights the fabric design with echo quilting. The main shapes have been outlined. I designed and cut my own bird in hand dyed rust fabric to complement the birds in the fabric. I have added flowers and leaves. I have also added a few complimentary fabrics. These embellishments are placed to achieve balance within the design as a whole. It is a one-off design that will never be repeated exactly the same.

The cutting is all done by hand and I made a handmade template for the bird. The machine stitching is straight stitch for the outlines and some zigzag elsewhere.

All the fabrics are pure cotton except the piece of silk behind the rusty bird. Pure cotton thread was used throughout. It is backed onto polyester wadding (batting ONLY) – no backing fabric.

The art quilt is stretched over a ready made art boxed canvas. If you prefer, you could remove it – just snip the cotton threads at the back and frame it. It looks handsome hung in a modern or more traditional home.

If it ever needs to be washed, remove from the canvas and wash at 30°C only with Woolite or similar, no hot water. Expect the piece to shrink slightly. Using hotter water will result in greater shrinkage and is not recommended. The piece could be gently sponged, but not rubbed.

The measurements of this quilt are 49 x 40cm (almost 20 x 16 inches) approx.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 54 × 45 × 7 cm