Creative Quilting eCourse For All Quilters



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Creative Quilting eCourse is a new way to develop your quilting and design skills. On the Creative Quilting eCourse, prompts are provided in order for you to create your own quilts. No patterns are needed since you will learn how to create quilts from scratch.


What is it?

12 month ecourse enabling you to find your unique quilting creativity, your voice, your style, your ‘you’

What is included?

• 24/7 access to the course

• Access to a facebook closed group where you can ask questions, post images of your work and share thoughts with like-minded students

• Access to me as an etutor limited to 30 mins max a month

• The monthly source of inspiration, a unique starting point every month for your creations.

• The monthly inspiration photo etc will be emailed to participants at the same time each month

• Suggestions and guidelines for how to interpret that image including samples of work, techniques and more

24/7 access


Who is it for?
All quilters interested in design particularly those who need a starting point and some tutor guidance to build their design skills and start designing their own quilts

What will participants achieve?
Participants will explore and interpret the source of inspiration. They will gain practical knowledge of quilt design to develop their own style and voice with the tutor input. They will make monthly projects and the time they spend is up to them. The project could be a small art quilt or a large bed quilt. The inspiration is varied and can easily be adapted to the quilter.

I look forward to welcoming you on this ecourse.


If you prefer to pay quarterly please contact me to arrange this.


There are no refunds once the first download is made and you are agreeing to purchase the full 12 month ecourse, whether you use it or not. By purchasing you are agreeing to waive your rights to a 14 day refund. There can be no refund once the ecourse is downloaded.

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