eCourse Advanced Quilting and Patchwork Design Textiles



eCourse Advanced Quilting and Patchwork Design Textiles

Take your quilting to the top with quilt designer, fabric designer and quilt maker Karen Platt. Enhance your skills with creative development, innovative design, advanced skills and techniques as well as increasing your knowledge. The ecourse is written from scratch by Karen Platt. A unique ecourse without parallel.

eCourse Advanced Quilting and Patchwork Design Textiles consists of 10 carefully considered units to advance your learning and skills. Four of the units are optional, the written units and assessment. Whilst you are encouraged to take these, we know from research that most people dislike that aspect of courses, therefore all written units are optional and purchased separately.

The time taken to complete this ecourse is dependant upon how many units you take, see pricing below. You work at your own pace, there is no deadline for work to be completed, another bonus that our students love.


1. An advanced quilting and patchwork ecourse to stretch your potential and help you to achieve your best

2. A series of exercises and professional content to get you thinking and making

3. A design and make ecourse delivered in units to your email inbox

4. An opportunity to really shine and show off your existing and newly acquired skills whilst taking the ecourse

5. Your choice of style/technique with tutor input if required

6. The benefit of a fully qualified DfE teacher with over 40 years’ experience.


UNIT ONE: Independent research for your own creations
Developing Ideas
Working In A Series
Use one theme to design and create 3 pieces:
Including one 3-D item, a wall panel and the third item of your choice

UNIT TWO: Advanced piecing techniques

UNIT THREE: Advanced techniques and methods
Professional finishing

UNIT FOUR: Advanced surface texture
Colour and dyeing for quilting
Digital printing
Creating Your Own Fabrics

UNIT FIVE: Research a brief history and patchwork around the world (optional)

UNIT SIX: Select a quilt designer and write about their work (1,000 words) (optional)

UNIT SEVEN: Create a library of 3 sets of swatches to show off your skills. Choose from any of the categories used in FOQ. Your samples need to be arranged and presented in a manageable way to show them at their best.

UNIT EIGHT: Explore one quilting technique and add something to it to make it your own.

UNIT NINE: Costings – how to work out a price for the quilts you make.
How to promote yourself and write a bio.
Business planning.
Presentation and online presence.
How to create an online gallery. (optional)

UNIT TEN: Assessment and Certificate (optional)

The ecourse without optional units is 650 gbb.

Please contact me through the contact form with the subject heading Advanced quilting to let me know if you wish to take the optional units as well. They are 50gbp each or 180 gbp for the total of four units. I usually respond the same day (depending on time difference if you live in a different part of the world). I will send an invoice to be paid and you can opt to pay monthly, which is a little more expensive but means you do not have to pay all at once. You are committing to pay for the number of units you select, whether you decide to complete them or not.

The whole ecourse is delivered as pdf units, so you can take this distance learning ecourse from anywhere in the world.
N.B. There is no refund once the ecourse is downloaded. You are using this ecourse for personal use only and not to teach. You are waiving your right to a 14 day refund when you purchase.

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