eCourse Art and Textiles Inspiration Monthly



No More Artist’s Block

This ecourse is aimed at artists and creatives who are stuck in a creative block and consequently want to try something new or are looking for inspiration. The ecourse is suitable for most creatives no matter what their preference or medium. The prompts are more in the style of an art and design course and not just – here’s a photo, what would you do with it. We are exploring themes in relation to art, textiles, printing, ceramics, fashion and so on, whatever your discipline is. So each person can take their own artistic journey for each prompt.

It is ideal for all levels, even beginners and includes ideas that can be used for drawing, painting, felt, textiles, digital work and more.


Each month, for 12 months, you will receive an email with a theme and any of the following

a photo



resources – such as artists or books to look at

Suggestions for materials

N.B. You can continue onto a second year. For the first 12 months all themes are sent in a booklet, one per month.


It’s up to you what you do, how you approach the theme, how much to do. If you want to treat it as a mini-course where you work for a month to produce a piece of work, or just a few minutes here and there. There is immense scope for working in a series. Each prompt gets you thinking.

Tutor guidance and access is given throughout – although it is limited to half hour sessions per month apart from the written guidance given.

You will also be able to upload work from the course onto a special closed fb page – where we will discuss work, what arose from the theme. If enough people are interested, there could be opportunities to exhibit work, there could also be opportunities for group work. It is intended, if participants are willing, for this to be an art community, with an exchange of artistic ideas and expression.

You will receive notes, guidance, you will also receive a mini booklet with each monthly inspirational prompt to keep for future reference.


Any time throughout the year.


Payment is taken before you begin, the price is for the full 12 months.

Once you have paid, you will receive an acknowledgement email/or your first pdf.

There are no delivery costs and the course is delivered to your email wherever you live.

N.B. All prompts and information supplied is copyright Karen Platt 2021. Photographs supplied are copyright Karen Platt 2021 but permission is given to alter the photos for your own use. Payment is non-refundable even if you do not create work or leave the course early.


As a manual download this waives your 14 day return period completely and once downloaded, no refunds are allowed. By purchasing you are waiving your rights to a refund.