eCourse Colour Confidence For Quilters and Textile Artists



eCourse Colour Confidence For Artists especially quilters and textiles.

This unique eCourse can be taken wherever you live and is for all those interested in colour. It concentrates on using fabrics and fibres or mixed media not just paint. Explore hue, complementaries, theory and how to get to grips with colour. Learning the principles to use in your own textile work and consequently develop your own colour sense. I cannot think of any aspect of textile work that is more absorbing and crucial to making work look right and yet it is the one aspect that so many people get wrong. It makes the difference between a good piece of work and a bad piece of work.

This ecourse takes you beyond the colour wheel, which was designed for paint and is particularly for those working with fabric.


Improve your quilts with better colour choices
Exercises help you to develop your skills in a fun and hands-on way
Learn the basics of a colour wheel
Learn about value scales
Find out how to choose fabrics
Understand colour combinations
Go beyond the basics – the failings of the colour wheel
Discover how to create a perfect palette
Experiment and be bold
Keep a record of your findings for future use


No previous experience is necessary. You do not need any specialist equipment except of course a computer to use the ecourse and a few basic supplies such as watercolour paint and drawing pencils.
Access is 24/7
There is an online closed group page to share work and interact with others who are taking the ecourse.


This ecourse is intended to last 12 months and is provided one unit a month. You are making a commitment to buy all 12 months. There is a second year if you wish to continue, sold separately, when we look more closely at individual colours. Sign up now. Starts at any time throughout the year.


There are no refunds, even if you do not complete the ecourse. This ecourse is written and devised by Karen Platt and is copyright. It is for personal use ONLY and not intended to be used to teach in any form or format. The work you create belongs to you, but the course content is copyright.

As a manual download, once downloaded you waive the right to a  14 day return  completely, no refunds are allowed. By purchasing you are waiving your rights to a refund.