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eCourse Creative Mark Making For Craft and Art. Find your unique voice by learning how mark making can distinguish your craft and art. This unique ecourse will help you to discover your ‘signature’ and the freedom of expressive mark making in all its forms.

ecourse Creative Mark Making consists of 10 units, taken one a month for 10 months. Each of the first five units explore mark making with a series of five exercises per unit plus research and guidelines to build confidence. The next five units concentrate on making work with aspects of design, techniques and projects.

eCourse Creative Mark Making can be applied to any craft or art form. Mark making can be used by textile artists including quilt makers, artists using paint, potters and more. Learn how to make descriptive, expressive, conceptual or symbolic marks. Build on simple marks to create pattern. Experiment with a variety of materials, the choice is yours, depending upon your craft or art form. Discover unusual materials to work with consequently building your skill set.

This eCourse enables you to reach your potential rendering your work more interesting with its hands-on approach.

What is included?

• 24/7 access to the course

• Access to a facebook closed group where you can ask questions, post images of your work and share thoughts with like-minded students. Expand your techniques with this approach.

• Access to me as an etutor. I have over 40 years’ experience as a fully qualified teacher.

• 10 units setting out work and guidance for each month with research, historical references


Who is it for?
Mark making can be used in any craft or art with any media on any surface. This course is suitable for beginners and requires no prior knowledge nor experience. It is particularly well suited to those seeking ideas or inspiration or those who wish expand their knowledge and experiment. All artists who are too self conscious to draw and want to explore mark making to develop their work will benefit from this ecourse.

What will participants achieve?
Participants will explore mark making and engage in experimental work. They will gain practical knowledge to develop their own style and voice with tutor input. They will make projects. The time they spend is up to them, the more they engage, the more they will get out of the course.

I look forward to welcoming you on this ecourse. You can enrol at any time. If you prefer to pay monthly please contact me to arrange this. Each unit is sent as a pdf to your email.


There are no refunds once the first download is made and you are agreeing to purchase the full 10 month ecourse, whether you use it or not.

By purchasing you are agreeing to waive your rights to a 14 day refund.

You are purchasing the ecourse for your personal use only to complete the ecourse.

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