eCourse Design in Quilting and Patchwork



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Quilting and Patchwork design for all levels. Learn to design your own quilts from scratch. Join experienced quilting design teacher Karen Platt online to learn quilting and patchwork design skills and creative development in a 12-month long ecourse. Work at your pace from home. This quilt design ecourse enables students to expand their creative horizons through practice, understanding design principles, approaches and research. A broad approach allows you to explore and experiment. Individual participant can produce creative work unique to them. This ecourse has received many 5 star reviews.

Uncover your passion and let it fly. Enjoy my unique approach to creative teaching and take inspiration from my methods to broaden your own creative experience. The emphasis is on design and development.

What is Included in the Quilting Design ecourse?

You’ll find tips and techniques, tutorials, over 70 exercises, theory, stimulating ideas, suggestions for further research and more. Useful information on presenting your work to others from blogging, record keeping to approaching galleries and exhibiting.

Tutor input in a social group page (fb) or by email, personal tutor help is limited to 30 mins per month.

Core areas

Design principles, inspiration, methods of recording, developing ideas to finished projects.

There are no essays!

Exercises guide you throughout.

Suggestions for taking each section further.

Students are encouraged to use traditional skills and/or digital skills to produce the quilts of their dreams and to explore creative possibilities.

This creative quilting design ecourse aims to build your design skills month by month and give you the confidence you need to design your own quilts. It includes:

  • Getting Started
  • Recording Ideas and Work
  • Fabric Know-how
  • Inspiration
  • Research
  • Design Principles
  • Design in Practice including transferring designs to fabric
  • Colour
  • Surface Design
  • Composition
  • Bringing it to Fruition
  • Presentation
  • Self-Assessment and optional tutor assessment

Register Now

You can register for this course any time (there are 12 units delivered one a month i.e. 12 months).

The course is delivered as pdfs to your email. Study in the comfort of your own home. Fully supported distance learning online.

Possibility of residential visits in UK and abroad subject to interest

N.B. Modules are NOT to be shared, copied or distributed. Tutor involvement is usually by email. A handbook is provided.

About me

Karen Platt is an experienced and fully qualified teacher and a hands on textile artist and quilter. She creates affordable ecourses, where people learn a skill. She has been developing new ideas with Cathedral Windows quilting in preparation for a book. She designs and writes quilting patterns, dyes her own fabrics and is very into stitch. She is inspired by art, architecture, textiles, travel and gardening. She is well-known for her use of colour and texture. She leads ecourses in art, textiles, quilting and knitting. She is also well-known for her gardening books on colour. She is available as a tutor to quilting groups.

What you need 

No previous experience required – you could be a beginner designer or an experienced quilter who wants to learn how to design. You will learn through tutorials and hands-on techniques. Basic patchwork and quilting skills are necessary but no design skills.

Computer access

Notepads, sketchbooks, fabrics, sewing machine and basic quilting equipment.

You will need a camera to upload images if you want your work assessed or wish to participate in the fb page.


This course is ideal for

  1. working from home
  2. working online
  3. working with a group of like-minded people
  4. sharing ideas online on a special fb page
  5. access to experienced tutor who makes her living solely as an artist
  6. broadening your creative experience
  7. it is a fraction of the cost of a further education or C&G course or even some short courses
  8. ideas, suggestions and themes are given for you to follow in your own way, to develop your creativity
  9. those who do not require a certificate
  10. no obligation to post or share work, you can take the ecourse privately if you prefer


At the end of the ecourse, participants will be able to independently research, design and create individual work to a high standard. The ecourse not only develops your skills through exercises and practical work, but gives you the knowledge to become a designer maker and quilt artist. You will understand materials that can be used, their qualities, uses and limitations. There are no exams, no-one demanding completed work, though you will receive encouragement to do so. The ecourse has different levels, so you can decide how much you want to do on a given topic. You work at your own pace from a few hours to a whole month each month, it is up to you. Access is 24/7 for as long as the ecourse is live, so you can stay in the fb group after the initial 10 months, but your tutor input is for the initial 10 months only.


The cost of this ecourse 495.00 as a one-off payment or 12 payments of 45 pounds paid once a month (obligation to pay all 12 months). If you leave the ecourse for any reason or do not make anything, there is no refund. If you want to join the ecourse with monthly payments, please contact me with the subject quilting design payments.


As a manual download this waives your 14 day return period completely and once downloaded, no refunds are allowed. By purchasing you are waiving your rights to a refund.