ecourse Digital Mark Making on the computer for stitch



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ecourse Digital Mark making on the computer for stitch and textile artists or indeed artists of any kind. Think you cannot draw? Get ready to find the perfect solution. You can achieve stunning work.

We welcome all skill levels to participate. Detailed instructions and exercises clearly make this ecourse user-friendly. Follow the step-by-step photos with ease. Discover how to make marks exclusively using your own photos. In this unique ecourse, you will find everything you need to know to make unique and exciting marks for textiles and stitch.

What’s Included
* Line and Shadow
* Creating Marks
* Natural Marks
* Combining Images
* Development of Work
* Printing
* Stitch
* Illustrations
* Exercises
* Examples of work
* Stitch Projects

This ecourse is principally written for Photoshop (C5), but there are alternative suggestions for other software, some of it free. No software is included with the ecourse. It is also assumed that students know the basics of the software they use before using this ecourse. For example, how to drop a photo into the software.

Seven units cover all aspects of this subject. Fifteen exercises clearly offer simple processes needed to make marks rendering your work more interesting. You’ll be off the mark straight away from Unit one.

ecourse Digital Mark Making will give you the confidence to make marks in many ways using your computer consequently you will be able to make unique art work to stand alone as posters or to be produced as stitch. Numerous examples are given throughout the ecourse.

N.B. All work, images and ecourse content is copyright Karen Platt 2021. This ecourse is intended ONLY FOR PERSONAL USE. It must not be reproduced in any format, nor used for teaching. What you make with your own photos is yours to do with as you wish. The ecourse is not to be shared with anyone else.
Karen Platt is launching this brand new ecourse. She is a fully qualified and experienced teacher, specialising in textiles. The unique ecourses are written from forty years’ experience working in this field.


Payment is non-refundable even if you do not create work or leave the ecourse early.

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