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Take the hand stitch calico quilt ecourse today.

Join hand quilting and design teacher Karen Platt online to learn traditional hand quilting and design skills in an ecourse where you work at your own pace. This ecourse hand stitch calico quilt enables students to expand their creative horizons through practice, understanding design principles and approaches. This broad approach allows you to explore and experiment and ultimately to design your own quilts. It allows each individual participant to produce creative work unique to them or to follow the instructions and create, for their own personal use, the quilt as I created it.

If you have always thought hand quilting was something you wanted to do, enjoy my unique approach to creative teaching and take inspiration from my methods to broaden your own creative experience. Anyone can do it – even beginners. If you have hand quilted, but want to learn more about the design aspects of hand quilting, this is also of use to you.


You’ll find tips and techniques, 9 modern blocks using traditional hand quilting skills to make and borders to finish a double bed-sized quilt.

* hand quilting basics – stitch and more
* hand quilting design
* hand quilting techniques
* 9 blocks (these can form a quilt of any size, wall hanging or cushions)
* borders
* how to alter a design
* how to make any size quilt
* how to design your own quilt

Tutor input in a social group page (fb) or by email, personal tutor help is limited to 30 mins per month.


This ecourse is delivered as a pdf to your email, the one you provide upon payment. Your access is 24/7. The ecourse is provided for personal use ONLY and is not to be copied, shared nor transmitted in any format. It is copyright.

I am a fully qualified teacher specialising in online textiles and quilting ecourses. I write ecourses from scratch, based on my own personal and hands on experience.


The ecourse is provided as a manual download. Once downloaded, you have waived your rights to a refund.

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