eCourse Kaleidoscopes in Photoshop



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Kaleidoscopes can be stunning, exciting and fun. Take our ecourse wherever you are in the world. Learn how to really use Photoshop for fun or business. Transform your photos into kaleidoscopes for quilt panels, posters and more. Create kaleidoscope fabrics. Learn how to get the best from Photoshop.

With this kaleidoscopes ecourse, you will learn how to manipulate and edit your photos into stunning kaleidoscopes using Photoshop. Kaleidoscope images can be sold for around 200 pounds each and are also sometimes bought by fabric companies. They make great works of art printed on canvas or paper.

What’s Included

A full tutorial and instructions to create a kaleidoscope with detailed photographic step-by-step instructions that can be applied to your own photos.

You need to buy Photoshop if you do not already have it, I do not supply Photoshop.

About me

I have a large and diverse skillset having used Photoshop to create newsletters, book covers, art, quilts, design cards, for textiles, fabric design and more. I am an experienced and fully qualified teacher and a hands on textile artist and quilter. So many people never get to grips with Photoshop, I want to change that. As your Photoshop trainer I have developed these courses, bearing in mind the skills I had to learn and the ones I found the most useful. This is an online eCourse with online help.

Please note these are not retouching nor digital painting courses. They are courses that teach you how to use Photoshop creatively.

What you need

Laptop or computer with Photoshop installed, at least Photoshop Elements, CS5 and above.

Photographs downloaded onto your computer. You do not need special photos, a kaleidoscope image can be created with most photos.

See our other online course that offers much more as well as online help and a fb group page.

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