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Ever wanted to make your own quilted clothes? Can’t find that perfect jacket pattern? This ecourse Making Quilted Jackets is for beginners who want to make their own quilted clothes. Five different styles of jacket included with Instructions given for hand or machine sewing and quilting. Find, easy-to-use, step by step instructions to made the jackets from scratch. Discover five jacket styles.

This ecourse Making Quilted Jackets contains all the beginner needs to know about making the five styles included. No patterns, paper nor pdf are included, instead the ecourse shows different ways of making your own pattern for the perfect fit. These are simple guidelines, something anyone can do but the ecourse does assume that you know how to quilt and that you know the basics of dressmaking and hand stitching. It covers the mistakes made along the way too and the learning process plus all the basics of making jackets.


The ecourse includes instructions for five styles of quilted jacket and one jacket that is not quilted. It is a pdf sent by email as a manual download and is yours to keep. N.B. for PERSONAL USE only and not to be shared nor used for teaching. It is a personal account of my experience making jackets, written by me. What you make from the course is yours to do with as you wish.

The jackets included are:
1. Sleeveless machine patchwork jacket that is hand quilted with a running style stitch.
2. Sleeveless hand stitched patchwork (two different techniques) with machine quilting.
3. Hand stitched patchwork sleeved jacket that is machine quilted.
4. Machine quilted patchwork and machine quilted longline sleeveless jacket.
5. Indigo machine stitched jacket.

A. Taking measurements
B. Making a pattern
C. Taking a pattern off existing clothing
D. Hand stitch techniques
E. Machine quilting
F. Sleeve fitting
G. Simple necklines, armholes and more.
H. Adjustments to the patterns and alternatives

At the end of the ecourse, you should be confident enough to make your own jacket. You should also be able to alter the length, width and make amendments to style.

Tutor input, by email or live chat is available if and when needed, limited to 30 minutes per student. Another ecourse for coats is in preparation and includes more complicated techniques once you have mastered the basics.

The pdf is sent as a manual download and is not to be shared nor used to teach, it is for your personal use only. Once payment is accepted, the pdf is manually sent to the email you have used to order the item. When downloaded, there is no refund and you waive your rights to a refund. If the file is large, it is often sent by WeTransfer, and you have one week to download. If it is a small file it comes from my email. Please understand that if you do not live in England, there may be a 24 hour delay according to time differences. However if you have not received your download within 24 hours, then please use the contact form to get in touch. Check your junk mail first.