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Quilt Tutorial

This quilt tutorial helps you to create a scrap quilt that looks like an intentional design and not just a load of scrap fabrics. Find all you need to know to design and make your own scrap quilt now. The step-by-step instructions and clear photos guide you through every stage of this exciting design process, enabling you to make design decisions about your quilt.

This tutorial is ideal for beginner quilters and upwards who are interested in design. It involves using fabric scraps and suggestions for making them into a coherent quilt. Don’t throw those scraps away and don’t leave them lingering in the cupboard. They can make handsome quilts now.

The example given in the tutorial uses scraps left over from two OBW quilts. Find new ideas and suggestions, avoid the pitfalls and mistakes. Discover what to do with small scraps and using larger pieces too. Learn about quilt layout and much more. It will give you the grounding you need plus ideas to stretch your skill base.


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Karen Platt is hands-on quilter and a writer of quilting and textile ecourses for every quilter no matter where they are, to work in their own home and learn. She is a fully qualified and experienced teacher. She uses her own experience in textiles and quilting to shape her ecourses. She has also written a tutorial on how to create kaleidoscope fabric.

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