Embroidered Portrait Two Original Embroidered Textile Wall Hanging



This hand stitched embroidery is a creative piece of wall art inspired by a stone statue. To make it I printed an image onto linen, then stitched by hand using contemporary stitching. In this piece of textile art, I have used a variety of embroidery thread in a variety of thicknesses and type that add a rich texture to the stitching and give the effect of stone and lichen. I have used gorgeous yellows, greys, silvers and beige to reflect this in my work.

This is a unique handmade item as no two pieces are ever quite the same. I have called it ‘Beauty in Stone and Stitch’ Two.

This piece of textile wall art is on a piece of pure linen, which is hemmed. The stitching goes to the edge of the piece. You might frame it or mount it as a piece of art. You are buying the hand stitched art only. It could be used to make a bag, cushion or a centre piece for an innovative quilt for your own personal use.

As a textile artist, I am interested in portraying emotion, texture and using contemporary stitch as a means of expression. My stitching is entirely spontaneous.

The piece measures 17 x just under 24cm (7 x just under 10 inch). A certificate of authenticity will be provided with this work of art.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg
Dimensions 20 × 30 × 3 cm