Fruit Cocktail Plant eBook orange flowers and plants



Orange flowers and plants. Discover 2300 orange flowers, how to grow them and where to buy them. What’s hot, hot, hot? Outrageous orange, presentable peach and amazing apricot combine to give the ‘Fruit Cocktail’ plant book zest and zip. Learn the secrets of planting strong colour in the garden with our garden design ideas. This plant book also covers toffee, butterscotch and many mouth-watering shades of flowers. Orange is an outgoing colour – get in touch with your social side. Great plant combinations are suggested throughout. IS IT ALL ORANGE FLOWERS? Not quite. There are some foliage plants in these tones for the complete orange garden. Make your garden zing today. Discover which orange flowers and foliage are right for your garden. Fruit Cocktail is written for all gardeners, no matter where you live. It includes plants suitable for growing around the world, including USDA zones with descriptive profiles of 2384 orange plants. It’s the only book of its kind.

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