How Green Was My Valley Original Textile Art



Original acrylic painting featuring the stunning greens of the countryside. This acrylic painting is made on Bondaweb, which is then fused onto one of my hand dyed fabrics. The piece is then stitched by hand and hand embellished with beads. This is a triple process to produce an original and entirely unique, one off piece of art.

As an artist I use my intuition to interpret the places and things I love and translate them into paint. I love texture and emotion. This piece conveys my love of the countryside, I never cease to be amazed by the shades of green. This textile started its life on a train journey to London. Two hours later, there was just a couple of rows of stitching complete. This kind of contemporary embroidery is intense and time consuming.

The original painted and stitched textile measures 34 x 17 cm (just under 14 x 7 inch). It can be mounted or attached to the wall by other means. This wall hanging would look handsome in any room in the home, perhaps in a conservatory or room that opens onto the garden.

Additional information

Weight 0.30 kg
Dimensions 38 × 23 × 2 cm