Art inspiration ebook Two Churches Architecture and more pdf



Art Inspiration ebook two Churches contains over 140 photographs of my artwork to inspire you. Whatever type of art you practice this ebook is for you. Whether you paint, make textiles, felt, quilt or make pottery – it will provide you with inspiration and ideas. It’s good for just contemplating too.

In art inspiration ebook two Churches, notes accompany each photo detailing the place and creation of the artwork. My artworks were created digitally and you can learn the process too. There are two ecourses on my website. The photographs are taken from all over the U.K. and abroad. A variety of inspiration is included relating to churches including architecture such as columns, spires, stained glass and ceiling. Sometimes I used the exterior of the buildings themselves. Cathedrals, minsters, parish churches and chapels all provided inspiration.

The ebook also includes samples of my artwork working in quilting, digital kaleidoscopes and embroidery, created from my visits.

My photographs and my artworks are included to inspire you and allow you to see what is possible. It is copyright Karen Platt 2018. Some of the other Inspiration titles include photos you can use, but this title and Doors of Tunisia include my artwork which is copyright.

You cannot copy the ebook in any form, nor the actual artwork.

High-resolution art quality photos of the artworks in this ebook are available for sale. My artworks are also available to purchase, just see the relevant section of the website. Please contact me if you do not see what you want to purchase or want a different size. There is a contact form on the website.

Once purchased, the ebook is sent as a pdf manual download. It can be read on any computer or device. Depending where you live, please allow 24 hours for delivery of the ebook to the email you have provided. Distribution in any format is prohibited.
As a manual download this waives your 14 day return period completely and once downloaded, no refunds are allowed. By purchasing you are waiving your rights to a refund.