Inspiration Summer ebook for Gardens and All Artists and Textiles



Inspiration Summer ebook for Gardeners, Artists, Textiles and Quilts. Everyone loves summer – the warm days, the long evenings, sun, sand and great gardens.

I’ve gathered together over 625 photographs in a summer collection to inspire you. If you are looking for plant or garden inspiration, the largest section of the ebook is plants, seedheads and plant combinations providing inspiration. It also includes landscape images and some coastal images. So if you are looking to paint or looking for quilt or textile inspiration – there is so much here for you.

Use the images as you wish to inspire your own work, but the images in the ebook remain copyright Karen Platt. If you produce a painting or textile exactly the same as one of the photos in the ebook that is ok. The photographs are good quality and larger images can be purchased, just ask.

This summer theme invokes that feel-good feeling associated with sunshine days and floral abundance, days at the beach and lush green landscapes. The photos have been taken over a number of years in different locations, mainly in the U.K. It is a celebration of plants, a sumptuous feast of summer colour and ideas.

This is the ebook for everyone who loves summer and finds this season inspiring. You need never run out of ideas for your own work ever again. This is an art ideas book, a place to find seasonal inspiration. I hope this ebook brings you the joy of the season, a warm tingle.

For more in the series of Inspiration books see spring and autumn and the other ebooks on specific themes such as Coast, Rust, Bark, Lichen to inspire artists and textile artists see the website. See them all on the website

The next seasonal Inspiration book will be the final one, Winter.

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