Inspiration Travel ebook Five Corfu Photographic Guide



Inspiration Travel eBook Five Corfu. My own photos, guide and art inspired by Corfu. All the inspiration you need can be found in these 250 unique photos. If you love to travel as an artist for inspiration, Corfu has so much to offer. Discover museums, the island itself and some of its lesser visited areas. Sea, sand and blue skies. Inspiring yet relaxing.

Inspiration Travel eBook Four Corfu is a pictorial guide to what to see and do and how the island of Corfu might inspire your creative work. My journey lasted 7 days and I have included my step by step guide if you want to follow in my footsteps. It is a full account of where I went. Or you can build your own itinerary and day trips or just chill from your armchair and enjoy the photos.

Corfu is easy to get around. The airport is very close to the city.

1. Find where to go
2. Find what to do
3. Discover the museums
4. Discover the coast
5. Be inspired

Just sit back relax, enjoy the photos and take a virtual tour. Corfu has a character all of its own. It is such a wonderful place to visit. It enjoys sunshine by the bucket load – it was well into the mid 20s centigrade in October! The skies are blue and it is an interesting island to visit with lots to see and do and lots of lovely spots to relax in.

My photos and descriptions bring the island to life. My art creations inspired by the island are unique.

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