Inspiration Travel Six Athens Photographic Guide ebook



Inspiration Travel Six Athens Photographic Guide ebook. A pictorial and step by step guide book for lovers of all things Greek including art I created from my visit. Over 150 photos plus artworks.

This guidebook takes you to Athens and the surrounding area including the coast south of the city, Delphi and Arachova as well as the Corinth Canal. It is a pictorial guide featuring the architectural sites and what to see in Athens itself.

Visit stunning churches and monasteries, the main and lesser known architectural sites or discover the coast. Getaways from the hectic city are a must. Follow in my footsteps for a week in Athens with Inspiration Travel Six Athens.

This ebook is excellent to use as a guide, to use to plan your own itinerary or as an armchair guide if you just want to dream.

This is part of a series of travel guides and a wider series of inspiration ebooks I have produced, dealing with inspiring themes for artists. They can be seen here

I created art inspired by my journey and this is shown in the ebook. High-resolution art quality photos of the artworks in this ebook are available for sale. My artworks are also available to purchase, just see the relevant section of the website. Please contact me if you do not see what you want to purchase or want a different size. There is a contact form on the website.

Once purchased, the ebook is sent as a pdf manual download. It can be read on any computer or device. Depending where you live, please allow 24 hours for delivery of the ebook to the email you have provided. Distribution in any format is prohibited.
As a manual download this waives your 14 day return period completely and once downloaded, no refunds are allowed. By purchasing you are waiving your rights to a refund.