Inspirations ebook Spring Inspirations For Artists and Textiles



New inspirations ebook Spring. Spring is a time of great joy, hope, renewed energy and rebirth. I have always loved spring, watching the flowers appear, the colours, the blue skies, the fresh greens. I have endeavoured to capture that in this ebook. This ebook is a celebration of all that is spring, of many of my photographs taken at this time of year.

From 21 March to 20 June each year, I have chosen the best of my flower and plant pics, landscape, architecture and sculpture images and photos of the coast. The contents are arranged by date and year, beginning with March 2005 and ending with June 2018. It is a celebration of my work photographing wonderful things.

This inspirations ebook full of ideas takes you around the UK, to the desert of Tunisia, Lisbon and more. Most of the photos concentrate on plants, from beautiful spring bulbs to the rare and unusual.There are 500 fabulous photos, so if you are stuck for ideas or just want to be inspired, you will find so much here for everyone, no matter what your tastes. If you love colour, you will enjoy this ebook.

My inspiration ebooks allow you to use the photos as you wish for your own work. So if you are into textiles or art, this is a wonderful way to find inspiration.

Autumn inspirations is already out and the next in the series will be Summer. The Inspirations series is a large series of inspirational ebooks for artists and textiles with titles such as Rust, Coast and Lichen. They all contain numerous photographs that you can use in your own creative work.

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