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International Quilt Textiles School ecourse brochure.


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When I looked for courses for textiles, they were all too expensive for my meagre pocket. I discovered a gap in the market for textile artists who wanted to learn, but did not need a certificate. Unless you are entering the textile market to work with a high-profile company, you do not need a certificate. What you need is a good grounding in techniques, styles, how to process work from idea to finish and how to think and see like an artist. Here at the International Quilt And Textiles School, we concentrate on just that – the important aspect of learning and applying what you have learned.

What Do We Teach?

I have been a fully qualified teacher since 1980 (Dfe), with much experience along the way with adults and children from all walks of life. All our courses are delivered online. This means that you get to keep and access the ecourse 24/7 even after you finish the course. You also have online access to me as a qualified teacher and instructor and hands on quilt designer and textile artist, painter and hand knitwear designer, involved in the practice from beginning to end. I have also been involved in colour all my adult life, in understand and practising what makes colour work.

My core teaching areas – textiles, quilting, embroidery and stitch, knitwear design and practice and colour. Art, including painting, painting for textiles and digital creations.

I wrote all the ecourses from scratch using my own hands-on knowledge. They are unique to me. They cover what you need to know to understand the processes and to apply them even at a business level if that is your desire. So far we have learners from Australia, USA and United Kingdom. We provide unique ecourses that receive 5 star reviews from our students.


Please find our current brochure free to download as a pdf.

Come back when you have browsed and book the ecourses you want online. Find easy payment terms and no enrolment fee. When you complete your ecourse, you can request a certificate of completion, provided proof has been given that you have completed the course. A discount is given when you take a second ecourse.

I also give talks, lectures, practical demonstrations, workshops and more in person. Please ask if you belong to a group or keep up to date with the blog for the latest talks and news.

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