Original Dreamweaver Quilt Lap Quilt Wall Quilt

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Original Dreamweaver Quilt Lap Quilt Wall Quilt for sale. This is an original Karen Platt Design. A unique, one-off quilt for you to buy. Use it as a lap quilt, throw or to grace a wall at home or at work.

Karen Platt designs exclusive quilts, machine sewn and hand finished to make a cosy home. This original Dreamweaver Quilt features pure cotton fabrics. One fabric which gave rise to the name of the quilt and a plain off-white, ivory pure cotton for contrast. Pure cotton wadding is used. The matching variegated and white threads are also pure cotton. So rest assured that you are buying a natural product, lovingly made.

The design features 11 Dreamweaver blocks, appliqued to the ivory fabric. Each Dreamweaver block is different, made from four squares of fabric that have been sewn together in different variations to produce new blocks. All the blocks and contrasting ivory fabric are then machine stitched in a Karen Platt quilting design of her own. The design changes in most of the blocks. This modern quilt offers balance and variety in its design.

The back of this original Dreamweaver quilt is the dreamweaver fabric and nothing else. The quilting on the back is in blue. The binding is machine sewn to the front and hand sewn to the back. A quilt label is attached to the back with Karen Platt Original Quilt and the date it was made.

This quilt measures 106 x 150 cm (approx 41 x 58 inches).

We recommend handwashing in cool water wash only, Woolite is very good. We do not recommend machine washing nor hot wash, no rubbing nor agitating. The fabric can be sponged lightly. Fabrics are not pre-washed. On washing the quilt might shrink slightly as is usual with hand made quilts. Lie flat to dry.

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