Original Karen Platt Quilt Floral Tiles For Sale

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Original Karen Platt quilt Floral Tiles for sale. One only unique quilt design. This is an original Karen Platt quilt design. A modern traditional quilt to grace any modern home. Inspired by the traditional nine patch, this quilt used modern fabrics for a more modern look suited to today’s home or office.

Add this fun design to your home or office? The design features fabulous fabrics with a floral quilted pattern that I designed for this quilt. It uses a beautiful range of fabrics, complemented by my hand dyed fabrics that were dyed especially for the quilt. The border is machine stitched to the front, and hand stitched to the back. One of the green hand dyed fabrics is to make the borders that frame the quilt. This completes the design features of the front of the quilt.

The back of the quilt uses some of the same fabrics, with a large block of pink and one of green plus more of the fabrics from the front in the same design. It is a different design. I used a pink/green colour combination, but this quilt design would look good in many colour combinations.

The back will also have a quilt label with Original Karen Platt Quilt and the date it was made.

This original Karen Platt quilt has pure cotton wadding. It measures 86 x 62 cm (approx 34 x 25 inches) and is ideal as a wall quilt.

We recommend handwashing in a gentle wash such as Woolite. The fabrics have not been pre-washed but colour fastness has been tested. In hot water the colours are more likely to run and we do not recommend hot water wash. Lie flat to dry.

There is also a quilting pattern for this design. The hand dyed fabrics are also available here

Words, images and work copyright Karen Platt 2019