Original Quilt To Buy Lap Quilt Eagle and Fish

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Original Quilt To Buy. A new Lap Quilt Eagle and Fish. A unique lap quilt designed and made by Karen Platt Quilt Designs. This is a one-off original quilt to buy.

This original quilt to buy is cut, pieced and assembled by hand, machine stitched by me and hand finished. An unrepeatable design, there is no other quilt exactly the same with these fabrics. Hang it on your wall as a stunning decoration or use it to cosy up with. This is a wonderfully warm yet lightweight quilt.

The front of the quilt features blocks of colour. Eagle and fish fabrics have been used. The design has bands of yellow and pink that pick out the colours in the blocks. The back and binding is in the fish fabric only. Please see the images. The block fabric was what was left over from the hexagon Indian Wedding Quilts, which can be seen here

The predominant colour used is blue, but the quilts contain many colours including a warm ochre, pinkish red, dark browns, yellow and pink. All fabrics are 100% cotton in this quilt. The wadding (batting) is pure wool. The thread is 100% cotton.

The quilting design is a straight stitch design that I designed to complement the quilt itself. Wavy lines emulate the ocean on the fish fabric. The blocks are quilted with a Greek key effect.

The quilt was designed, cut, pieced, stitched, quilted and finished entirely by Karen Platt. It features a hand sewn original label.

Measurements: 117 x 86 cm (46 x 34 inches) approx. Ideal as a wall hanging, draping over a chair or lap quilt, using the back or front.

The fabric and wadding have not been pre-washed. I recommend hand washing at 30°C or cold wash only. Use Dreft or Woolite and Colour catchers. Line dry by carefully folding in half over the line or preferably dry flat if at all possible. We recommend the latter. Do not rub or agitate much if at all. Lift the quilt carefully, distributing the weight evenly to avoid distortion.

Design and all images copyright Karen Platt 2019

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Dimensions 35 × 30 × 10 cm