Purple Flowers eBook



Purple flowers are everyone’s favourite plant colour. Author Karen Platt, well-known for her books on single garden colours, brings a fabulous array of purple flowers to grow in your garden. Every shade of purple from deepest violet to palest pastel. Grow purple in your garden for sheer joy.

Grow over 4000 purple flowers with unique descriptions from personal observations. Illustrated with over 500 colour photos. Discover the full range of hues from violet, purple, mauve and lilac. Purple is most favoured colour in gardens. This book does not include blue nor the redder blue tones often described as purple by breeders, growers and catalogues. Discover the plants you can grow, new and old, rare and common. Find ideas for your garden, no matter where you garden. Karen Platt is the world expert on black plants. This book is another addition to her renowned colour plant series, all of which are available on this website.

This pdf manual download ebook can be read on any computer, or on any device. It is searchable and has quality colour photos just like any printed book. Depending on where you live and the time you place your order, please allow 24 hours for delivery to your email. Most orders are fulfilled quickly.
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