Seagull Art Quilt For Sale Pictorial Wall Quilt

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Seagull Art Quilt For Sale. One off, unique pictorial quilt, featuring three bright-eyed seagulls. This is an original small art quilt, made by Karen Platt. A bird pictorial art quilt. No two designs are the same. It is in my bird series, which includes unique birds created by me.

This Seagull Art Quilt has three pieced and appliqued seagulls created from fabric, each with an amber coloured beaded eye. I created the seagulls from my original images taken in Bridlington in 2015, each one has his own character. The appliqued seagulls are on a fabric background created from different fabrics in a patchwork. The background is machine quilted using different stitches for effect.

The base colour of the seagull quilt is neutral, sandy colours of beige, ochre and ecru with highlights of white and grey for the birds. The birds also have a tiny yellow beaks and a touch of darker shimmering fabric for the wings. The bird’s legs are stitched. All the fabrics are pure cotton (except for the foreground of mock suede and the column of cork ribbon) and one is hand dyed with rust (this is silk). The thread used is pure cotton.

The art quilt is quilted onto a cotton wadding. It is ready to mount and frame. Therefore it does not have a backing fabric and it does not have binding. Alternatively, if you did not wish to frame it, you could back and bind it.

Measurements: This small art quilt measures 40 x 30 cm (length by width) (16 x 12 inches). It can be cut to size. It is perfect as a wall quilt to grace any home or office as wall decor.

Karen Platt is a teacher and hands-on quilter with specialities in colour and design. She makes all her quilts herself from research to design, machine or hand piecing and all techniques are executed by her. This is a series of art quilts of different types.

You can see more Karen Platt Quilts online. All work copyright 2020 Karen Platt.

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