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This self-publishing guide will help turn your idea into a book. Find out how to self-publish with insights from a successful self-publisher. This self-publishing guide takes you through all the stages from initial idea to finished book. Learn from my extensive experience. Author Karen Platt has self published more than 60 successful titles. You can read all about my personal experience.

What makes a good book idea for self publishing? How to guide including testing your idea, formatting, editing, creating a book cover and more. Get to grips with publishing options and decide which type of platform is best for you. Find out how to price your book.

Discover the legal requirements of starting a business. This ebook covers mainly printing your self published book. It includes information on contacting and requesting prices from printers, layout, paper sizes, wrights and more.

Approximately one in three books published make a profit – find out how to ensure yours is one of them. Find out how to maximise your sales. Give yourself a head start by learning what I wished I had known in 1996 when I self published my very first title. Yes, it did make a profit and I published 5 editions of it.

We also offer professional publishing services.

– Why self publish?

– Is self publishing for you?

– Pros and cons

– How-to self-publish

– Self-publishing platforms – professional printing and pdfs

– Professional practical advice and tips

– Earn money from writing

– Case study

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