Sunflower Quilt Pattern Quilted Wall Picture



A beautiful sunflower quilt pattern and tutorial. Part of my inspirational new skill builder quilt series. This series shows that you too can achieve great results in no time. Quilt patterns with step-by-step images and foolproof instructions. Even beginners can achieve excellent results. My new Learn As You Quilt teaching to instruct beginners to finish quilts and understand the process. This pattern includes sunflower petals stitched with decorative stitches. These are real confidence builder quilts. If I can do it, so can you.

What you get:

Tutorials of skills
Options in sizes
Full instructions
Over 20 step-by-step images

What is included?

Fabric selection
Simple straight quilting
Zigzag applique
Stumpwork-style padding
Decorative stitching
Block printing fabric

Optional sizes: Wall quilt or block. Instructions are for 12 inches square (30 cm) sunflower quilt.

Anyone can follow the instructions and photos to make this unique sunflower quilt. Each technique is described in full. I have made the process as simple as possible so that you can make a professional looking quilt when you are still learning techniques. All photographs are in colour. The back is also very decorative, and with care, it could be used as the front of a quilt too.

If a technique is not for you, the instructions show options and alternatives. All joins are straight joins, there are no mitred corners in this quilt at all. The quilt is suitable for beginners up.

You can also buy fabrics separately for this quilt from the website.

An original Karen Platt Quilt Design. Look out for more quilt patterns and tutorials, in our ever expanding range online.

If you are learning to quilt, take a look at our other tutorials and ecourses on the website. We make quilting fun.

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