The Best of Black Plants eBook



The Best of Black Plants ebook is a celebration of dark plants. It includes full descriptions of the black plants together with photographs. 150 black plants have been chosen by the first person to run a black plant nursery in the world and the founder of the former International Black Plant Society. This eBook is the culmination of over 20 years research, written for gardeners everywhere. The book includes plants that form the basis of any dark garden or black border. Karen Platt gives her personal growing experience in this book. All text and most of the photographs are new and not previously published. Discover black plants to planting your garden. Find out all about gardening with black plants • 150 top black plants • 150 colour photographs • Detailed descriptions • Cultivation • Personal experience • Best black plants • Ideas for plant combinations

Please note: This is a manual pdf download you can read on any computer or device. This is NOT a printed book. Depending on where you live and the time of your order, please allow 24 hours to send to your email. Most orders are fulfilled quickly.