Traditional Dress of Tunisia Traditional Costume ebook



Traditional Dress of Tunisia ebook. This pictorial guide helps you to understand the types of traditional costume worn in Tunisia and its modern interpretations. Over 400 photos of traditional dress of Tunisia are included in this ebook.

To write this ebook I travelled extensively in Tunisia. The ebook looks at regional costume and at the different types of dress worn by male and female Tunisians.

The book discusses wedding dress, ceremonial dress, evening wear, where to see traditional dress of Tunisia and hand embroidery. It looks at the different types of dress for men and women from garments worn by both sexes, to those worn be either one, from headgear down to the feet. The final chapter is dedicated to modern interpretations of dress.

I have always been very interested in hand embroidery and costume from around the world. Tunisia has fine examples of workmanship and yet its skill in hand embroidery is largely overlooked. In this ebook I hope to go some way to addressing that for it is a shame that more people do not know of this work. From the exquisite metallic embroidery of the wedding costume to the colourful embroidery of the Berbers and the regional embroidery of Nabeul, Tunisia has much to offer, a directory of makers is included with many photographic samples.

This is part of a series of ebooks I have written about Tunisia, including a three-part series on my travels and one on the Sahara, which also include examples of my artwork, as well as a book on Woven Textiles of Tunisia, which discusses woven carpets and shawls. These can be purchased here

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