Undyed muslin fabric fine dressmaking cloth



Undyed butter muslin. Top quality pure cotton butter muslin with a good slightly open weave. Adds texture to projects for textiles. A beautiful fine fabric for kitchencraft for jam or cheese making, arts and crafts, dollmaking or dressmaking. It has a multitude of uses. This soft and versatile fabric makes beautiful curtains with the ability to provide privacy without blocking out the light. It can also be used as a waxing or polishing cloth. Perfect for creative textiles, sewing and stitching. Excellent for City & Guilds or other creative stitching courses.

It takes dye beautifully too. It is a tighter weave than the cotton scrim I sell and a finer fabric. Indian muslin is often used to make summer dresses.

Measurements: 1m x 130cm (approx 39 x 51 inch)
Fabric: 100% pure cotton white bleached

Additional information

Weight 101 kg
Dimensions 20 × 17 × 2 cm