Visions of the Sahara Sand Dunes Stitched Textile Art



These stitched landscape textiles were inspired by my trips into the Tunisian Sahara. This piece is all about the rippling of the sand dunes, the ever-shifting sands. I wanted to capture the textures, colours and my feelings about the desert. For this landscape, I chose two pieces of complimentary hand dyed fabrics that I had dyed. This piece is all about creating rhythm and texture. The first fabric was a piece of hand dyed silk in yellow and orange. On top of this I put a richly dyed piece of silk organza that was suffused with the same colours. I stitched my textile interpretation with hand dyed, silk thread, in tiny, time-consuming stitches.

As an artist I use my intuition to interpret the places and things I love and translate them into textiles. I love texture and capturing the atmosphere and the emotions I felt at the time. This piece interprets the sand dunes around Ksar Ghilane.

This unique depiction of the Sahara desert would brighten any room as a wall hanging.

The textile measures 21 x 19 cm (just over 8 x just under 8 inch). It can be mounted in a frame. With the right mount it should fit in an A4 standard frame. This piece is quite unusual as it is not square although it could be pinned and stretched. The measurement given is the longest on each side without stretching.

Additional information

Weight101 kg
Dimensions25 x 20 x 2 cm