Woven Textiles of Tunisia eBook



The first comprehensive book of its kind.

Woven textiles of Tunisia includes carpets, shawls, wall tapestries, saddle bags, tent weaving and natural fibre mats.

The book includes:

  • History
  • Heritage
  • Weaving Methods and Looms
  • Knotted Pile Carpets
  • Kilims and Flatweaves
  • Types of Shawl
  • Silk Weaving
  • Dyeing
  • Fibres
  • A Catalogue of over 1,200 Photos of Woven Textiles
  • A Directory of Suppliers
  • Over 25,000 words in English, translated into French
  • 372 pages

This woven textiles of Tunisia ebook is the result of much research and many visits to Tunisia. It is for all those who love textiles, pattern, weaving and cottage industries. Follow me as I unearth the history and methods of weaving in Tunisia through history to the present day.

Join me on a magic carpet ride from the north to the south of Tunisia as I introduce you to the makers, sellers and their carpets. The designs are unique and varied.

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