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Book Review Braided Bargello by Ruth Ann Berry

bargelloBook Review Braided Bargello by Ruth Ann Berry, softback published by C&T Publishing. ISBN 978-1617454042, price 18.99 available in the UK from

I have always loved Bargello needlepoint, so it is natural that I love bargello quilting. It can be a great use of colour, so I find it fascinating. It is one of those fabulous quilt techniques that achieves a very complicated look, whilst not being too difficult to make. Braided Bargello takes bargello one step beyond, it’s like ordinary bargello with knobs on – knots, or twists and turns. There are 16 projects in the book from bed-sized quilts to smaller projects. In Basic Bargello Construction, the author looks at fabric, cutting, designing and constructing as well as mitred corners. If you find the design chart in this section a little confusing, it becomes very apparent what you need to do if you look at the projects. All projects are accompanied by clear charts and easy to follow instructions. Interesting projects, but on most I wanted to make slight alterations as there are what I call stop lines to the designs – in very obvious places and I would wish to continue the curve. I also thought that many of the colourways were not to my taste. There is also a gallery of work.