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Last blog post of the year 2020

Last blog post of the year 2020. A huge thank you to everyone who has supported me this year. S-A-L-E.

My containers are full of things to sell in this hugely productive year. It is hard enough to work in a vacuum as a sole trader. Harder still thanks to Covid 19 that has robbed us all of travel and exploration. Being a very self reliant, self motivated person, I can cope with being alone and illness has often meant that I could not travel. However, when you work so hard, it is so difficult when few respond to your work or even know about you. Instagram has been a big help on that score. At least more people have seen my work this year than probably ever before. The survival instinct is strong. I want to continue to be an independent artist.

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Painted lutradur

I guess I just need to perfect the art of living on next to nothing. Oh wait, I have been for the past ten years. Unfortunately my business is impacted by Brexit as I have the choice to either register for VAT in an EU country or not to sell to the 27 countries in the EU. It’s going to be a small world, a shrinking market. This is your chance to diminish my stack of goods ready for sale, so that I can launch into 2021. N.B. Order by 31st December 2020 if you are in the EU.

Craft and Textile Supplies Big Discounts

The following products are reduced to the price I paid for them wholesale, just to claw back the money and investment. If you want a smaller quantity than a metre, I am willing to discuss. These are great for innovative and experimental textiles, but rather boring on the photography side, so I have included a picture of what you can make instead. Clicking on the product name takes you straight to the product page on my website. If you are interested in a mixed selection of A4 sheets, let me know.

Evolon Soft 4.95 per metre,

Lutradur 100, 5.50 per metre

Lutradur 30, 3.50 per metre

Zeelon Medium, 4.50 per metre

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spunbonded fabrics and dyeing

Fabrics for dyeing

Silk/viscose velvet for dyeing or devore 23 pounds per metre

Cotton velvet for dyeing 23 pounds per metre

Adhesives for applique or painting

Bondaweb – cheapest on the web to my knowledge 3.95 per metre

Hand dyed Fabrics For Textiles or Quilting

Hand dyed cotton scrim individually priced

Hand dyed cottons individually priced

hand dyed fabrics
hand dyed fabrics

Quilts For Sale

last blog post 2020
quilts for sale

From small art quilts to large throws, we have the perfect quilt for you. Prices start at 30 pounds.

bird quilt for sale
Bird quilt

That’s it for the last blog post of the year 2020. Happy New Year everyone.

Words, work and images copyright Karen Platt

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Day 15 quilting of 31 day blog challenge

Day 15 quilting is a big day as it is half way through the quilters’ blog challenge set by Muppin with over 60 quilters taking part. Are you still with me? Have you read the other fourteen blogs this month? Stay tuned for new work, inspiration, 6 month retrospective and what is coming up in 2020. There’s lots in store.

Quilt Shows

It is wonderful to see dozens of quilts hanging in one space for us to be wowed. None other than the amazing Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham, UK each year. The quilts are not juried so you get everything from beginners upwards entering. So it is a mixed bag, but there are some top quality designs and some designers have an exhibition there.

day 15 quilting
wonderful piecing

I love to see the variety of the designs. Some are cleverly pieced, others simple striking design, some traditional, some modern and everything in between. Some cause a stir. You can learn so much from just looking at them. Quilts are divided into categories and there is a 3-D category too.

One of Kathy Knapp‘s incredible wearables, her work is always so stunning. This is quilted art at its best.

Kathy Knapp
Kathy Knapp’s stunning work

The exhibitions this year featured Sandra Meech, Eszter Bornemisza and Michael James. Each one was fascinating for different reasons. Each one treats quilting in a different way, extolling the virtues of the versatility of quilting.

Sandra Meech
Sandra Meech
Eszter Bornemisza
Eszter Bornemisza
Michael James
Michael James

Where to see Quilts in the UK

The American Museum in Bath, Gawthorpe Hall, Chesire, regional Members’ meetings of the Quilters’ Guild.


Day 15 quilting offers you 10% off any of the supplies on the website for one day only. This includes undyed fabrics, dyed cotton scrim for art quilts, my popular hand dyed threads in silk, cotton, linen or wool and Bondaweb.

day 15 quilting
dyed scrim
day 15 quilting
linen threads

Words and images copyright Karen Platt, the work shown copyright the respective quiltmakers.