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Book Review Creative Collage by Clare Youngs

collageBook Review Creative Collage by Clare Youngs, softback published by Cico Books (RPS), ISBN 978-1782494898, price 12.99 available from

An inexpensive, informative look at paper collage using materials that are easily to hand. I love Clare’s choice of subjects, materials and the way she approaches collage. She uses scrap paper, fabric, magazines and photos to create her incredible artwork. The 30 projects are wonderful, I liked them all, and loved more than a few. This book gives you basic collage techniques. There is information on tools, techniques, how-to, composition, layering, stamping and colouring. This collage book is great for beginners. Make cards, pictures, notebooks, gift tags, journals and even home accessories. You will come up with your own unique artworks. Wonderfully illustrated throughout. I saw Clare’s work on social media and knew this was the book I wanted and it has not disappointed. Clare has a great sense of colour, layout and more, her work is inspiring. Find out how to start, create impact, use those pieces of paper – cut, copy,transfer and arrange. Instructions are general and can therefore be easily adapted to any size. It’s full of professional tips. The photos and line drawings make the projects easy to follow. Templates to enlarge are given at the back of the book – but why not make your own unique animals with your drawings? Use this fabulous book as a springboard. All the family could get together on these projects. I am happy to recommend this book.

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Knitting Book Review Rainbow Knits by Nicki Trench

Rainbow Knits by Nicki Trench, softback published by Cico Books. ISBN 9781782495642, price 12.99 available from

Just what the doctor ordered – colourful knits – a joy to wear and a pleasure to knit. Combine colour to make your life a happier place. This book includes projects for the the home and accessories to wear. There are 20 projects including bags, hat, cardigan, sweater, tank top, shawl, cowl (front cover image) and scarf. The clothes are basic designs. For babies and children there is a cardigan, sweater, two blankets, a rabbit and hat. Under home and gifts you’ll find gorgeous mittens, cushion, passport cover (could be adapted to a phone cover), a fair-isle bag knitted using a chart, a tie, leg warmers, and sweet embroidered purse that could double as a pencil holder. At the back of the book is a useful, illustrated techniques and finishing section covering the basics. Try your knitting skills working in stripes, or use ombre or variegated yarns.

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Book Review Modern Stencils by Nicolette Tabram

Modern Stencils by Nicolette Tabram, softback published by Cico Books. ISBN 9781782495499, price 12.99.

Fresh-looking, inspired designs that can transform your home. 8 re-usable stencils, including paisley and floral designs enable even beginners at stencilling to produce professional-looking results. There are 35 projects for textiles, furniture, floors and walls to make your house a home. 11 projects concentrate on textiles, such as stencilling bags, tea towels, napkins, cushions, curtains, a jacket or apron and more. You could stencil your own fabric. Learn all about this craft – tools, basic techniques and inspiration. Instructions are easy to follow and the photographs are excellent.