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Mark Making Computer ecourse for Textiles and Stitch

Mark Making computer ecourse is all about making marks with your computer to use in textiles and stitch. Students who think they cannot draw, will find the perfect solution since the marks are made by computer software. Mark making is the easiest form of drawing but that element of pen and paper or brush and ink or even pencil and pad is completely taken out of the picture. Consequently, there is no drawing at all. At the same time, you will find your mark making confidence with this unique ecourse. Join in the fun, the ecourse is available now, click the link to purchase.

mark making computer ecourse
Mark Making computer ecourse


In this fabulous mark making computer ecourse for textiles and stitch, I teach how to make marks using software programs, both free and paid for computer software. Discover how to make marks from your own photos in this Unit, taken from the longer digital ecourse. A variety of photos are given with exercises to follow with how to extract marks in a number of different ways. Find out how to make a repeat pattern from the created marks and more. Undoubtedly, this is of benefit to all textile artists.

You’ll also find a good array of examples of completed work. There are stitch projects to use what you have learned. It’s a new way to look at mark making.

There cannot be an easier introduction into mark making. Create your own unique marks using this ecourse which is written from scratch by myself.

mark making computer ecourse
Mark making


Mark making is a way of individualising your textile and stitch importantly giving it a ‘signature’ that identifies it as you. In addition, marks add vibrance and interest to your work. Now you can learn mark making online.

mark making computer ecourse
mark making


I continue at the present time with my hexagons and first handmade coat. The lining and wadding have arrived, as a consequence I am going as fast as I can, given it is all hand stitched. Consequently this is going to take some considerable time.

Hand stitched hexagons

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