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Book review Jean Haines Paint Yourself Positive

Jean Haines Paint Yourself Positive, softback published by Search Press. ISBN 9781782216537, price 15.99 available from

With its glorious mix of pink and yellow watercolour paint dispersing in water, the cover is most enticing. However, there are so many similar pages in the book of just a splash of paint, that I felt a little disappointed. Jean is a wonderful painter but she has perhaps taken ‘loose’ a little too far in this book. The paintings that are there, like Starfish, or A Special Bridge, Roar and All That Glitters are truly wonderful. The simple building technique is very good. So why so many splashes instead of paintings? Yes, painting brings positivity into our lives. Yes, believing in yourself is good. Yes splodges of paint look good and you can call them by wonderful names such as ‘Positive Energy’ but does this make a good painting book? I would prefer to have seen more paintings than the author’s thoughts on positivity. More painting content would have been better.

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Book review Abstract Acrylics by Waltraud Nawratil

Abstract Acrylics by Waltraud Nawratil, softback published by Search Press. ISBN 9781782216506, price 12.99 available from

An experimental approach to painting. Abstracts using a variety of mediums and methods that you can follow in 27 step-by-step projects. The step-by-step is brief and although there are photographs, they do not show every step. I would therefore recommend this book for experienced painters, and also for those who understand how different paints work – are knowledgable about the flow of paint etc. Some great examples of finished works and I do like Waltraud’s methods and style. She introduces you to a different way of working. For example with a palette knife and spray paint as well as actual leaves and petals. The book concentrates on interpreting the natural world in a beautiful way. Discover how to transform the reality of the landscape and flowers into interesting abstract paintings.