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Forthcoming TEXTILE Work and Changes

Forthcoming textile work and changes almost sounds foreboding. In every life there comes a time when change is necessary. Ever since my son handed my website over to me to manage the technical side, I have found it very challenging indeed. He has stepped in when things were beyond my experience. Yet I now find the Paypal buttons are not functioning and that this happens with increasing frequency. So I am exploring other avenues to sell my work. I got tired of Etsy, it does not work for me. The downside is that with the website goes the email and blog, so I would have to rearrange things very carefully and it will take a while yet.


My textile, quilting and Photoshop ecourses have been available on Craft Courses for about two years. This is the side of the business I wish to expand with more unique textile and inspiration ecourses. So I was lucky this week when I had a forced rest and then the heat got to me, that I had an idea for 12 new ecourses. So look out for those in the very near future. They would include my inspiration ebooks in a totally new format and learning experience, so that would take care of those. How to create some of the work shown below will be a part of the new ecourses.


So that leaves my textile artwork and the few craft supply materials that I sell. I think I shall offer these in the next few weeks at a reduced rate, hopefully to clear all stock. Some are on this page. If you click to buy and there is no Paypal button, please contact me through the website contact or through facebook. I can send a Paypal invoice.


All prices gbp excluding p&p. Here are some of the pieces. Open to sensible offers. Please check the website for original prices and description. I am grateful for your support.

Ancient Queen embroidery 20.00

textile work
Ancient Queen

Blue Felt Hand Embroidered Cuff 14.00

textile work
Blue Felt Cuff

Deep Blue Sea Original Hand Painted and Embroidered 30.00

Forthcoming textile work
Sea Hand Embroidered textile

Hand Embroidered Lion 50.00

forthcoming textile work
Hand Embroidered Lion

Blue Hand Embroidered Queen 35.00

forthcoming textile work
Hand Embroidered Queen

Green Felt and Lace Cuff 14.00

Forthcoming textile work
Green Cuff

Whilst my little grey cells were working overtime, I had a terrific idea for a new textile piece to celebrate the place where I have lived now for seven years. I am looking to move, but what better way to remember this place that has been home than in a textile wall hanging?

That’s all for this week. It’s been a trying week, so very hot for two days and more to come. Tune in next Monday for more forthcoming textile work and see how far I have got with my new ideas. Check back every day for the offers of the day.

Words, work and images copyright Karen Platt 2021